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Blogging Cash Course

Private Label Rights

  • What is a Blog and How Blogging Will Help Your Business
  • Why Blogging is So Popular
  • Niche Blogs and How to Get the Most Out of Them
  • Benefits of a Wordpress Blog
  • Blogging and SEO - How it Can Help You
  • AdSense and Blogging
  • Ad Placement - How and Where to Place Your Ads on Your Blog
  • Getting Traffic to Your Blog

Blogging Gold Profits

Private Label Rights

Awesome Blogging With Out Writing Any Content Yourself And Make A Fortune In The Process!

This report will show you the exact steps to creating a Kick Ass blog in any niche that will have some of the best content on the web that will have people flocking back every single day creating a cash windfall every single day.

"I Am Handing You My Exact Strategies I Use To Get An Avalanche Of Business Owners Begging Me To Take Their Money.... "

I am going to walk you through the exact steps to creating a Kick Ass blog and getting traffic! I don't talk about SEO, PPC, PPV or any other traffic generation methods out there. What I do is show you how to get traffic flocking to your blog that will grow and snowball and eventually turn into a torrent of traffic you couldn't stop even if you wanted too.

Ebook Money Machine

Master Resell Rights

Rake In Real Cash 24/7 With Your Own Ebook Business In A Week From Now - It's Like Having Your Own Private Money Machine

  • The right mindset for writing an ebook. If you don't have this, your ebook will crash and burn. You have to know how to make the all-important ebook writing decision...which I reveal inside.
  • How to mine your subconscious for the ebooks already in there. Yep, your head is already full of ebooks, and I'll show you exactly how to tease them out of your brain into ebook form so you can profit from them. This technique is so powerful, you'll be miles ahead of other people trying and failing to sell crummy ebooks.
  • A way to know your book will sell. This is like being able to buy Google stock before it took off. You can know beyond any serious doubt that your ebook is going to fly off the digital shelves. I'll show how to use two simple free tools to see what people want and are buying like their lives depend on it. And I'll even show you a cheap tool that lets you mine one of the largest sites online for what's hot.
  • The easy way to write your own ebook. No, it's not hard...and you usually don't have to start from scratch. I'll hand you 13 easy ways to create a product that'll make your market (and other marketers) drool. And 12 of those methods are NOT starting from scratch—some are so easy you might think they're criminal.
  • How to get your ebook ready to sell. Don't think it's all about creating the thing. No way! You have to make sure it's ready for prime time, or you'll cut your marketing off at the knees. I'll show you how to "publish" your book, and even more important, how to tear it apart so you can make even more money with it.
  • Eight shockingly powerful ways to market your ebook. Two of these ways are so cutting edge that almost nobody is talking about them yet. You'll be far ahead of the curve. Even better, I'll show you how to combine these techniques to crush your competition and see the cash fast.

Membership Site Money Magic

Master Resell Rights

Do you want to see the secrets behind an amazing money making strategy which will guarantee you an easily achieved online passive income?

  • How to source coders, designers and marketing services at super low costs!
  • How to integrate free and open source tools to create your site at little or no cost at all!
  • How to understand the benefits of each different membership site model!
  • How to single handily CRUSH your competitors in every area!
  • How to build a buzzing community on your membership site!
  • How to make substantial amounts of profit from your membership site quickly!
  • How to embrace the power of social media and convert followers into subscriptions!
  • How to drip feed content making your members subscribed for longer!
  • How to run your site with as little input as possible! As little as just 2 hours a month!
  • How to keep your members coming back, month after month! Craving more and more from you!
  • How to cross sell other products and features adding even more monthly revenue!

The Online Money System

Private Label Rights

Learn The Completely Proven Systems The Marketing Gurus Use!

  • How product creation can be done cheaply - and in a matter of days.
  • How you can get waves of highly targeted traffic to your site whenever you want.
  • Why expensive graphic designers aren't necessary - as long as you have this trick up your sleeve.
  • How to target prospects that are proven buyers and who are ready to pull out their credit cards to buy what YOU have.
  • Why you need to make sure your graphics are awesome, and how you can do this easily.
  • How to choose the best formats for your products - and how this will increase your bottom line exponentially.
  • And so so so much more!

Build Your Own Cash Pipeline

Private Label Rights

Discover The Secret 'Fool-Proof' Strategies Of How To Succeed In Network Marketing And Build Your Own Cash Pipeline!

Build Your Own Cash Pipeline shows you the essential ins and outs of how to succeed in Network Marketing - from choosing the 'right' Network Marketing company to avoiding the 5 main pitfalls and 12 secrets of successful heavy-hitting Network Marketers!

Build Your Own Cash Pipeline includes:

  • Residual/Recurring Income Explained
  • Network Marketing Reviewed!
  • Choosing a Network Marketing Company!
  • Network Marketer's Survival Guide!
  • Secrets of the 'Heavy Hitters'!
  • About Affiliate Marketing!

How To Generate Emergency Cash

Private Label Rights

What Do You Do When Your Back Is Against The Wall - And You Need Emergency Cash NOW?

What would you do if you absolutely had to create a product so you can generate the cash you need as quickly as possible?

This guide will help answer that question, covering many important aspects of product creation and how to profit from that product, including . . .

  • The Key To Your Products Success
  • Focus On Completion Rather Than Perfection!
  • Over 15 Ways You Can Effectively Promote Your Product
  • The Easiest Way To Create Your Product Without Having To Actually Create Your Product Yourself

Membership Cash Profits

Master Resell Rights

How Would You Like To Easily Create Your Own Cash Spewing Membership Sites Without Fuss Or Difficulty?

  • Selecting membership topics that flood your sites with massive profits like you've never seen!
  • Online sites that help you dig up hidden, profitable niches like hidden treasure chests!
  • The different types of membership platforms and how to effectively utilize each different platform to create sites that earn you massive, recurring income!
  • Types of products you can offer to members of your membership sites to retain them and keep their wallets constantly open!
  • Membership elements you cannot afford to neglect if you want a successful site.
  • Choosing membership software fitted with built in features you should take advantage of to make setting up your sites easier and faster
  • How you can easily create a membership site out of wordpress with a few basic resources that will save you heaps of time!
  • Important factors you need to consider in setting the price

WordPress Cash Machines

Master Resell Rights

Who Else Wants To Learn Over 50 Ways To Make Money Online Using The Power Of WordPress?

In WordPress Cash Machines, you will learn over 50 different methods of making money with WordPress.

Here are a few of the concepts you will learn:

  • Learn How to Cash-in on the Local Real Estate Business with WordPress
  • How to Profit from Online Coupon Shoppers and the Groupon Phenomenon
  • How to Use WordPress to Build Local Business Review Sites
  • How to Make Money Combining WordPress with Facebook
  • How to Create Income-Producing User-Submitted Content Sites
  • Generate Income with WordPress and Amazon and Other Affiliate Feeds!
  • Make Your Own Niche Social Networking Site with WordPress.
  • Two Different Ways to Make Money with WordPress and Food!
  • Plus Many More Exciting and Profit-Driven Strategies

Blogging For Cash

Private Label Rights

This e-book will guide you through the process of monetizing your Blog and give you all the information you need to start profiting from your blog. You will learn everything you need to know about turning your blog into a cash machine.

  • How to Create a Popular Blog
  • Using Adsense in your Blog
  • Other Advertising Options
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Reviews
  • Blogging Networks
  • Creating an Email Campaign
  • Marketing your Own Products
  • Donations
  • Picking the Best Cash Generator for Your Blog
  • And More!

Build Sites For Cash

Master Resell Rights

How Would You Like To Have An Army Of Sites That Are Literally Your Virtual Cash Machines Pumping Out Money For You 24/7?

In this workshop I'll be revealing step-by-step exactly how to create simple websites that can earn you $2 a day or more completely on autopilot.

All you have to do is follow my easy to understand videos, and in no time you can be pumping out several of these sites a day any time that you want to. Everything is laid out step-by-step, and you can go through it all at your own pace.

In this workshop we will cover...

  • How to find the highest profit niches to go into so you can make the most money with every site that you build. $2 a day per site is nothing. Wait until I show you what you can REALLY make. :)
  • My exact methods for doing keyword research so you know about how much each site will make you. This will allow you to plan your income!
  • Each and every step to creating your $2 a day website. Most people just tell you how to do things. I'm showing you step by step! It's like you'll be sitting right next to me watching my every move, and I hold nothing back!
  • A super simple way to grow your site bigger and bigger so that it's constantly increasing it's income for you. When you see this method you're going to want to personally fly to my house and hug me. Seriously... This is killer stuff!
  • The ONE and ONLY traffic strategy I use to get all the traffic I need to have every site I create making me at least $2 a day... This has never been revealed, and is the BIGGEST key to your success with this method!
  • And More!

PLR Cash Formulas

Master Resell Rights

PLR Profiting Madman Spills The Beans and Gives Up All of His Underground Secrets to Utilize and Monetize PLR Products That Will Produce A Massive Income System!

  • Find out the many different ways that you can use ebooks to make multiple different PLR products.
  • Learn how you can go in and edit your sales page to change the content, headlines, and place your name as the product owner.
  • Get the step-by-step to editing content and headlines on your salespage in HTML and how to edit .psd headlines and images3 as well.
  • Find out how you can combine articles together to create other products to sell and enhance your traffic to your sales page.
  • Want an easy way to set your blog on autopilot? Find out how you can use various PLR products to ensure that you always have constant and updated content...all-the-time!
  • Need some help from affiliates? Learn how you can use affiliate products to gain you an extra share of profits!
  • Follow up messages? Oh, yea... but don't worry I got you covered!
  • Want more value for your products? I've got all the answers you need to making a complete package deal that will sell like hotcakes!
  • Learn how you can take articles and submit them into article directories to drive traffic back to your product page, squeeze page... or even your blog!
  • Helpful tips and strategies from a PLR Pro!
  • And More!

PLR Cash Class Volume III

Master Resell Rights

Well Known Successful PLR Genius Reveals Her Top Secret Tactics So She Can Help You Make More Money Than Ever Before - Absolutely Guaranteed!

In this workshop I'll be covering in detail what PLR is, how to install PLR packages, and several other ways to make money with PLR packages...

All you have to do is follow my easy to understand videos, and in no time you can be making a killing using nothing but PLR packages!

Everything is laid out step-by-step, and you can go through it all at your own pace.

Here's exactly what we will cover in this workshop...

  • What you need to know right off the bat if you're a newbie about PLR products or you'll never make a dime online! This information alone could save you hours of time, and thousands upon thousands of dollars!
  • For the first time ever I take you behind the curtain of my business, and show you what strategies I am using to make the monst money from PLR, and how you can be doing the same things...
  • Profitable ways to use PLR articles... If you don't have a load of these on your computer you can get them from all kinds of different places, and now finally use those things to make money.
  • How to take a PLR product and "spin" it to make it look like a totally different product. This is a great tactic if used correctly, and I'll be giving you all kinds of tips and tricks that I personally use to cash in with PLR products I already have!
  • And so much more that I wont even put on the sales page or it would leak my secrets to everyone! :)

Blogging Cash Formula

Master Resell Rights

5 Steps To Creating Highly Profitable Blogs

Exactly what you will get:

  • How to choose a profitable niche
  • How to pick an ideal domain name, and why it matters
  • How to set up your blog for maximum results
  • Writing content for your site, and why it is important to get this part right
  • How to promote your site once it is complete
  • And much more!

Fast Track Cash

Master Resell Rights

Here's The FASTEST, EASIEST And LAZIEST Way To Massive Cash Online - With NO Experience, No Website And NO Product!

  • The immediate way to cash in on Fast Track Cash...I mean you really could be seeing cash within hours (that's not a guarantee, but it's not crazy either).
  • How to start seeing profits without doing 99% of the stuff most marketers have to wade through (I'll show you how to automate nearly everything).
  • Your foolproof traffic approach that can drive as many prospects as you want to just about any offer out there (this is the proven, flexible method I use to rake in the cash like you wouldn't believe).
  • The one marketing fact you absolutely must know if you want to make any money at all from content you publish online.
  • Your single purpose with any content you put out there (most people miss this, and pass up enough money to retire).
  • A simple way to automate getting your traffic magnets out there, so you can get an avalanche of traffic without feeling like YOU got crushed by that avalanche.
  • Your very own multimedia traffic strategy that you can use even if you think you're a multimedia dunce.
  • The raw traffic power of a little known, sort of secret blogging technique, and why it might be your traffic secret weapon.
  • A simple, proven strategy for getting huge traffic from today's hottest social networks, without getting anybody at those networks upset with you (it's easy, once you know what I'll tell you).

20 Ways To Cash

Master Resell Rights

Discover 20 Different Ways You Can Make $1,000 - $3,000 Per Month With Just A Computer And An Internet Connection . . .

This mega-huge video course covers a number of businesses you can start from home. Each business model is broken down and explained in an easy-to-follow fashion that will answer all the tough questions from beginning to end.

Not only are the businesses explained, but you are also taken on a tour in the video course to each of the businesses and related sites you will need to be familiar with in order to start your business. This way, you are not only given several options to decide on, but you also know where to go to get started, and what to expect when going through the steps of getting started.

25 Cash Sucking Business Ideas

Master Resell Rights

You Are About to Uncover 25 of the Most Money Making Systems That You Can Start Up Now All From the Comfort of Your Home!

It doesn't matter if you are already in the process of forming a home based company or if you are just wanting to get started, this fascinating hand-guide has the wanted answers to all of the complex questions and everything you can possibly think of when it comes to starting and managing your business.

Face the facts, there is more to starting up a company other than getting a few business cards made and having a business license. You need to factor in much more than that if you want to make a surefire plan to wealth and success. In this sizeable book, you will be learning the little-known facts that make a business stand out in the crowd.

Here are just SOME of the topics covered...

  • Find out how incorporating tanning services, manicures, and pedicures can be a wonderful benefit to your growing beauty salon.
  • Discover what you need to know about the Department of Agriculture and it's requirements if you are considering the pest control industry.
  • Love to stay fit and in shape? Why not become a personal trainer and get paid to do what you love and make bank at the same time with the strategies I give you.
  • Need ideas for a home-based gift basket business? Spa, baby showers, fruit, bridesmaids, and holiday giftbaskets are just a few ideas to generate a steady flow of hungry buyers

And seriously...that's just a tiny bit in this mammoth lifeline!

The PLR Cash Cow Craze Workshop

Master Resell Rights

Let Me Hold Your Hand And Personally Walk You Through A Proven Cash Sucking Business Model That Will Allow You To Finally Start Making Some Serious Money Online...

This is unlike anything you've seen before. Now's your chance to uncover the little known and rarely talked about techniques, strategies, and tactics that allow million dollar Internet marketers to continually pull in more money per month than most most people do in an entire year!

In this online workshop, you'll learn how you can be making $2000 - $5000 each month by creating private label rights membership sites, and I'm going to show you how to do it with as little work and time as possible!

Everything is covered via step-by-step video tutorials that SHOW you exactly what to do. And, to make it even easier on you the entire workshop has been broken up into four modules you can go through at your own pace!

The Niche PLR Cash Workshop

Master Resell Rights

You've Just Found The World's First Start to Finish, Step-By-Step Workshop That Will Show You How To Build And Market Your Very Own Profit Pumping Product Empire...

This workshop answers all your questions, shows you all the short-cuts, and gives you a quick and easy paint-by-numbers way to making staggering profits with your own online product empire -- even if you've never made a penny online before! ...100% Guaranteed!

Monthly Cash Profits Workshop

Master Resell Rights

Discover How You Can Grab Your Share Of The Billion Dollar Membership Site Industry Using This Brand New Never Before Seen Money Getting System...

Let me pull back the curtain here, so you can see everything that will be covered in this workshop...

  • Lesson #1 - How To Pick A Profitable Membership Site Model
  • Lesson #2 - How To Create Multiple Niche Memberships For Multiple Streams Of Income
  • Lesson #3 - How To Create Free Membership Sites That Actually Make Money
  • Lesson #4 - Everything You Need To Know To Run Your New Membership Site
  • Lesson #5 - Launching Your Membership Site Quickly For Insane Profits

Emails For Cash Super System

Master Resell Rights

This Breakthrough Video Series Shows You How to Create An Email Marketing Strategy That Will Send Your Profits Through The Roof . . . Even If You're A Newbie!

It doesn't matter if you are just getting started with email marketing or if you've been at it for years with no luck, this useful course I've created can give you tons of ideas and strategies to use each and every time you send out an email to your list to manifest a rapid and aggressive income.

If you are tired of struggling with little to no results and are ready to up the ante in the internet marketing business, then it's a must you get your hands on this underground offer.

Here is just a small portion of what I will be teaching you...

  • We'll unlock the secrets of what makes a person read an email and what you can do to make them click through.
  • Get insider secrets on how to write good copy in your emails and how to create compelling headlines to grab your reader's attention.
  • Short on time? I'll tell you how hiring a ghostwriter for your messages, ezines, newsletters, etc. can really be a huge benefit for you.
  • Learn how adding bullets to your emails can really help attract the reader and lay out your offer in an easy-to-follow manner.
  • And there's a lot, lot more!

Offline Super Cash

Private Label Rights

Revealed: Secrets To Make Super Income From Local Businesses

The Offline Super Cash will show you exactly how to build a profitable business following simple, yet proven strategies that will solidify your place in your local area and help you generate ongoing business by taking offline businesses - online.

Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn with this guide:

  • A few ideas on services that you could offer
  • How to start building your client base
  • Greatest ways to locate your potential clients
  • Closing the sale
  • Contracts you may need to deal with
  • Flat rate vs. hourly - what is the best way to go?
  • And so much more!

Cash Building Strategies

Private Label Rights

  • Exposing the myths that run rampant in the Internet Marketing industry - allowing you to avoid many mistakes and let-downs
  • Common questions you may have before you get started are answered
  • The many different ways you can make money online!
  • Marketing strategies to make sure your business is as successful as possible
  • And much more!

Fiverr Cash Secrets

Master Resell Rights

The Proven Formula To Cashing In With Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place to get work done at a great rate, and to make some easy money.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this report:

  • How to post a Gig to make sure you get the best results
  • How to make money on Fiverr
  • How to post a Gig to get recognized
  • How to provide great customer service
  • And much more!

Movie Affiliate Cash

Master Resell Rights

Get Your Share of the BILLION DOLLAR Movie Industry . . .

In this report I am going to show you how you can profit from the biggest industry in the world – the movie industry.

The movie industry is worth billions and billions of dollars. People just love watching movies. It does not matter what movie there is people love to be entertained.

In this report I am going to show you a simple 100% whitehat system on how to make money by simply promoting movie Affiliate offers and movie-related stuff.

The great thing about this method is that it is very lucrative and you can easily make autopilot cash with this system.

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