Infinite Streams Of Mercy, Love And Abundance...

“Peace and tranquility, Giving and Answering !”

Rivers of blessings may our cups always be overflowing!

Dear Brothers and Sisters
            The rains give the earth receives , the sun gives the moon shines, air flows we breath, its all good G-D is great,for what we don't know ,cant comprehend , feelings of hurt  for the befuddled , the channels are open the gates are here.Lets work together , I have decided to offer a service of prayer for all in need by the great gate indeed, let our acts of goodness and kindness be heard,and prayers answered.


For all in need l will 

  • Pray For You At the Western Wall In the Holy City Of Jerusalem.
  • Say a verse of King David's Holy Psalms.
  • Place A Paper With Your Name In the The Holy Wall…



                     Thank you for your time and goodness.

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  May G-d Bless